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Residential Life
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Your Room

pdfFall 2013 Lofting Kit Information and Instructions

*Note: See Living UMass Amherst on Facebook for a great lofting how-to video!

Most students share double or triple rooms. Singles are assigned to students who have lived on campus the longest (see Selection Priority)

Your room will have basic furniture including:

Note: You will be assigned furnishings for your use during the period of occupancy issued by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The furniture must stay in that room/apartment and cannot be stored. Furnishings need to meet safety standards and be assembled properly. Waterbeds are not allowed in residence halls. Residents may be held financially responsible for costs associated with replacing missing furniture and/or removing unauthorized furniture from their rooms. As specified in the Terms and Conditions for the Room Condition Form (RCF) you were asked to complete, a list of associated charges for billing purposes is available to you below.

pdf2013 Estimated Repair and Replacement Costs

Local telephone service is provided, but you have to bring your own telephone. All rooms are connected to a University cable television system. Service includes local and regional programming, a movie channel, a student-run station and various satellite networks.

Below are some guidelines for what you can and cannot bring when you move into your new campus home.

What You Should Bring - The Basics

Please arrange your room in an energy efficient and/or environmentally sensitive manner. For example, please bring compact flourescent lamps instead of incandescent lamps.

For a more detailed list of items to bring to campus, visit the What to Bring page.

Electrical Appliances

Note: All electric cords, plus and appliances must be in good condition. All appliances should have an Underwriters' label or seal of approval from another recognized testing laboratory. All appliances with exposed heating coils or those that can become excessively hot are potential fire hazards and are prohibited from your room.

The following electrical appliances can be used in your room:
CD/DVD player/stereo system
Coffee maker with an automatic shut-off and integrated duel safety circuit
Computer and printer
Heating pad
Lamp (please use compact flourescent instead of incandescent)
Microwave up to 700 watts and 0.7 cu. ft.
Microwave/refrigerator with integrated circuit
Portable hair dryer
Small refrigerator - 3.0 cu.ft. or less - with a ground adapter plug

The following items may be used in common areas only (kitchenettes):
Electric frying pans
Hot plates

Prohibited Items

You may not have hazardous items in your room at all. Possession of any items listed below violates the Residence Hall Regulations in the Code of Student Conduct and will result in disciplinary action.

Prohibited items include:
Air conditioners
Electric cooking grills
Explosive materials
Facsimiles of weapons
Firearms or lethal weapons of any sort
Fireworks or explosives
Gasoline or other flammable liquids
Gas-powered equipment
Halogen Lamps
Laser pointers
Lighted smoking materials
Noxious chemicals
Octopus lamps
Pellet guns
Pets (except for service animals and fish in 10-gallon tanks)
Pyrotechnic devices and smoke machines
Space heaters of any kind

*Except for religious purposes only in designated areas as outlined in the Residence Hall Manual.