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Residential Life
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Residential Programs

Your UCard

Your UCard is your campus ID, meal card, debit card, and the key to the main entrance of your residence hall, your Residential Service Desk, and other halls where you take your classes or work.

As a resident student, you are required to have a working UCard at all times. Carry it with you and be ready to present your UCard to campus staff when asked for identification. Your UCard is your personal ID. Do not loan your UCard to anyone else.

How it works

To unlock one of the main entrances to which you have access, pass your UCard (photo side to the left) through the slot on the card reader. You'll hear a click as the door is momentarily 'unlocked' to allow you to enter the building.
NOTE: Be sure not to pass your card through the reader too quickly. Doing so could cause an error message and no access. If this happens, try it again a little more slowly.

What should I do if my UCard does not work?

If you experience difficulty using your UCard, contact your Residential Service Desk immediately.

When reporting a problem, please include the following:

• The location of the door you were trying to access
• The time of day when you experienced the problem
• Tthe message the card reader displayed when the door would not open, e.g. "Accepted"; "Invalid Card"; "Rejected"; "Insert Card"; "Stand By"; etc.
• The Residential Service Desk will verify your residency in the hall, and then help you to resolve the problem. If necessary, the Residential Service Desk will contact card access staff for assistance.

What if my UCard is lost or stolen?

Report a lost or stolen UCard to your Residential Service Desk immediately, and request that the card be deactivated. This will prevent an unauthorized person from using your card to gain access to your residence hall. If the Residential Service Desk is closed, call Housing Services, 545-0812. Then call the UCard Office, 545-0197 so that the Meal Plan and Debit Account access on your card can be suspended.

As soon as possible, go to the UCard Office to receive a new card. The UCard Office is located in Room 168 in the Whitmore Administration Building. Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please be aware that you are responsible for the cost of replacing your UCard.

If the loss or theft occurs when the UCard Office is closed, you may sign out a temporary access card at your Residential Service Desk. You may use the temporary access card only until the UCard Office is open again to allow you to get a replacement card..

If you do not return the temporary access card to your Residential Service Desk within two business days, the card will be deactivated and you will be billed for the cost of replacing the temporary card.

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