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Community Standards

Community Standards

Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Amherst Residential Community! You are now a member of a community dedicated to academic achievement, learning, and personal growth. At UMass Amherst, you have an opportunity to enjoy and benefit from a vibrant learning environment and a responsibility to contribute positively to keeping it safe, healthy, and enjoyable for all.

As a residential community, we are committed to inclusive, fair, and just residence halls. We expect all members of our community to understand their rights and responsibilities and to aspire to uphold these for themselves and their fellow community members. As a community, we dedicate ourselves to the following principles, rights, responsibilities, and community standards:

Please think about the importance of these principles and standards as you live, study, and socialize in residence halls, and consider the impact of your behavior on others before you act.
The skills needed to live successfully on campus are the same skills you will use for the rest of your life.

The personal safety of every member of the community is of primary importance. Safety for people and property depends on a personal commitment from each individual. We hold one another accountable for acts that threaten safety and security because any such act affects the community as a whole.

Our sense of community is heightened by remembering our commonalities and respecting our differences. Connecting with people with different cultures, beliefs, and values is an integral part of the educational experience. Standing up against bias is an act of personal and community integrity.

Communities function best when we recognize our shared needs and resources. Civility does not mean we must always agree, but it does require tolerance and courteous communication. The development and use of communication, compromise, and problem solving skills ensure that everyone has equal access to the living and learning opportunities at UMass.

Engaging in campus life enriches an individual’s educational experience and strengthens the fabric of the community. Engagement can be accomplished in many ways in this opportunity-rich environment. The rewards of supporting your floor, hall and University community are immeasurable.

Living in Community