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Residential Life
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Residential Programs

Building Security

Your personal safety and the physical security of the residence halls depend in part on your knowledge of security precautions. Police officers from the Division of Public Safety patrol the campus 24 hours a day. Residence halls are locked at all times. All exterior doors are connected to a silent alarm system that is monitored remotely by Residential Life and Public Safety staff. As an added safety measure, some residence halls have security cameras installed to record the activity of all persons at each door.

During the evening hours, security receptionists staff the main door of each residence hall to regulate access into the buildings, check the identification of residents and guests, and conduct guest registration. Other residence hall security staff patrol the residential areas looking for safety hazards such as doors propped open and lighting problems.

In addition, Card Access is used in all of the residence halls to provide access and to enhance building security.

Keeping Your Building Safe

As a member of the residence hall community, it is essential that you actively participate in making your residence hall a safe and secure place for you and your fellow residents to live.

Resident students are responsible for assisting with security by:

• Not leaving doors propped open.
• Closing unattended entrance/exit doors.
• Using main entrances only, except during a fire alarm.
• Notifying residence hall staff of any broken/missing door hardware or security equipment.
• Reporting a lost or stolen UCard to your Residential Service Desk immediately so the card can be deactivated.
• Having a valid hall sticker on your UCard to present to security personnel.
• Not carrying your room key and UCard on the same key ring.
• Never allowing an unknown person to follow you into your residence hall. If the person is a resident of your building, they can use their own UCard to provide access. If the person is a guest of a resident, they can call their host on the HELP Phone.

Resident students are responsible for cooperating with staff and security by:

• Showing proper identification when you enter the building
• Ensuring that your guests register with security staff when they enter the building
• Following all published residence hall security guidelines
• Reporting anyone tampering with the electronic access system or otherwise attempting to defeat the security in place
• Reporting suspicious activity to the University Police at 911 for emergencies, or 545-2121 for nonemergencies

Room Key Control

You will receive a key to your room when you arrive on campus and check in at your Residential Service Desk. Responsible use and careful control of keys are essential to the security of your residential community. Duplication of University issued keys is not permitted.

Never leave the door to your room unlocked, even to go to the bathroom. Never lend your keys, UCard, or temporary access card to anyone else or leave them unattended. Do not carry your keys and UCard on the same key ring.

If your key is lost or stolen

If your key is lost or stolen, notify your Residential Service Desk immediately. Please be aware that if your key is lost or stolen, you will be charged for the cost to recore your lock. Backup keys are available only at the Residential Service Desk for emergency use only. Resident students should be aware of the following rules regarding the signing out of backup keys.

If you are locked out

• You can sign out a backup key three times a semester for up to 24 hours.
• The fourth time you request a backup key in one semester, a lock change will be ordered automatically and billed to you.
• If you sign out a backup key at any time and return it within 15 minutes, it will not count toward the three allotted sign-outs per semester before a recore/lock change is ordered.
• If you fail to return a backup key, you will be billed for the cost to recore the lock.

Living in Community