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Resident Assistant Position

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RA Request to Reactivate Form
RA Memorandum of Understanding
Prospective RA Questionnaire *Not An Application*
Resident Assistant Position Description 2015-2016 
RA Interview Tips

RA Selection Information for the 2016/17 Academic Year

Minimum Requirements for eligibility to apply:

• Current UMass undergraduate
• Must maintain above a 2.5 cumulative GPA
• Must be free of conduct sanction
• Must have lived in a residence hall on a college campus for at least one semester at commencement of duties.
• Completion of the UMass RA 1-credit course to be offered in Spring 2016. Preregister for the course beginning November 12th. (Unfortunately, students who are away from campus during the spring 2016 semster will not be eligible to apply, as they are unable to attend the course.)

The application for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 academic year will include applying via Google with your contact information and answers to a few questions, a resume, ONE (UMass only) reference, an interview with a two- or three-person committee, and completion of the UMass RA course. The application link will become available beginning November 2, 2015. The deadline for submitting a completed application is Monday, Nov. 30, 2015 at 12:00 noon.

Week of January 11th - You will be notified regarding interviews
February 3rd through 5th - Interviews conducted
February 19th - Candidates will be notified of employment status

How To Apply:
To Apply - You will have to log into your UMass Google account using your Net ID and password in order to complete the application. Click here for your Resident Assistant Application.

To Submit a Reference - Click here to submit a reference form on behalf of a candidate. References must be a member of the UMass community (with a e-mail address). This can include faculty members, staff (including residence hall staff or on-campus job supervisors), Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors, etc.

Why Be An RA?

Being an RA at UMass Amherst is more then just having another student job. As an RA you are also a...

Community Developer:
Assist and encourage floor members to develop a livable, inclusive, and responsible community through discussions of floor living guidelines, integration of new students, study breaks, quiet hours, floor activities, etc. Administrator: As part of an administrative staff, an RA is responsible for staffing the Residential Service Desk while on duty on designated evenings. Duty nights rotate according to the staff size and the needs of the specific cluster. RAs are also responsible for signing out back-up keys and equipment such as brooms and game equipment. Working with and filing various paperwork are also a part of the RA job. Another important part of the RA's administrative role is communicating with the Resident Director and the Assistant Resident Director through the use of various forms and communication channels.

Offering educational and social opportunities for residents is an important piece of the RA's job. Programming requirements may vary from cluster to cluster however the departmental expectation is for each RA to offer one educational and one social program for his or her residents each month. By using campus resources and with the help of the Senior Staff members and the Residence Education Resource Center, RAs offer exceptional programs that enlighten and entertain thousands of residents each year.

Peer Counselor:
As a leader in the residence hall community, many residents will come to you for advice and assistance for their simple and complex problems. As an RA, it is likely that you may experience issues such as roommate conflicts or eating disorders. It is important for all RAs to understand how to handle every situation. During RA Training, you will be given the tools you will need to provide students with the best possible answers to their questions. You will also be made aware of the proper protocol for serious and emergency situations.

Resource Person:
Otherwise known as a walking information desk, an RA will be sought out by residents to answer questions, from the basic, "Where's the library?" to the more complicated, "How do I set up my Internet account and can you help me?" You will be made aware of all the resources we have here on campus through training. You will also be encouraged to say "I don't know the answer to that!" and to refer the resident to someone who may.

Policy Enforcer:
As a university official, Resident Assistants are responsible for abiding by and enforcing Housing policies. Each policy was created with the purpose of creating a safe and non-threatening place for all members of the residence hall community. With the new alcohol sanctions that were instituted at the beginning of this year, the violators of the alcohol policies will be facing much more severe repercussions for their actions. Hopefully these sanctions will help educate students about the dangers of alcohol abuse, deter underage consumption, and make the residence halls safer places for everyone.

Staff Team Member:
RA Staffs vary in size depending on the size of the cluster. Each staff is supervised by a Residence Director and one or two Assistant Residence Directors. The staffs meet once a week to discuss the issues of the cluster and to plan events. Meeting times are also used as a time to socialize with your Staff Team. As part of a team, each RA is expected to support and assist their fellow staff members.