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Current Undergraduate On-Campus Residents

In-Semester Change Process
Residential Life Student Services Offers student several opportunities to make changes to their residence hall assignments throughout the semester using the swap and preference application process.  Please see below for detailed instructions on each process. 

Swap Process
• If two students agree upon a mutual swap, they must come together to Residential Life Student Services in 235 Whitmore to complete the swap paperwork on Thursday or Friday of any week beginning January 29th Swaps will be available on Thursdays and Fridays through February 27th. 
• Students will have 48 hours from completing the swap paperwork to properly check out of their assignment.
• Students can only perform swaps between shared rooms on campus, or single rooms within the same residence hall.
• Each student should go to the RSD of their new assignment and pick up the key for the new assignment, move within the allotted 48 hours, and then return the key to their previous assignment to their previous RSD.
Please Note: The students should NOT swap keys!

Preference Application Periods for Spring 2015
Residential Life Student Services will be offering five preference applications throughout the semester for students who wish to request a change of their assignment. The preference application can be accessed through SPIRE. Students may request halls, areas, specific rooms, floors, and room types including single rooms. Students may also request a roommate pull in using the preference application.  All assignments will be made based on Priority.

The schedule for the preference periods is as follows:
Friday 1/23 - Tuesday 1/27: Results must be picked up at RLSS by 5:00PM on Friday 1/30
Friday 1/30 - Tuesday 2/3: Results must be picked up at RLSS by 5:00PM on Friday 2/6
Friday 2/6 - Tuesday 2/10: Results must be picked up at RLSS by 5:00PM on Friday 2/13
Friday 2/13 - Tuesday 2/17: Results must be picked up at RLSS by 5:00PM on Friday 2/20
Friday 2/20 - Tuesday 2/24: Results must be picked up at RLSS by 5:00PM on Friday 2/27

On Thursday, students who are re-assigned will receive an email to their student email address letting them know they have been re-assigned to a new space.   Students will have 48 hours to move to the new assignment, and will have card access for both buildings within those 48 hours.

Please Note: Only students who are serious about requesting a change of assignment should use these processing periods. If you apply in any of the preference periods you will be expected to move to the new assignment. Only apply for buildings or rooms that you would want to live in.

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Spring Roommate Pull-in Process
Students with a confirmed vacancy in their room or apartment may pull in an on-campus student by filling out the preference application on SPIRE.

Puller: Complete preference application with your current assignment, and list the pullee under roommate preference. Check the box that states you would like to perform a pull-in.

Pullee: Complete preference application with ONLY the assignment you wish to be pulled into, and the puller as the requested roommate. Check the box that states “Only move me if you can move me with my roommate preference."

Students who are performing a pull-in who live in an apartment or suite:
• Each member of the apartment or suite must complete the preference application and
• The pullee must preference one of the pullers.

Please Note: If you are reassigned through one of the above mentioned preference periods and you do not pick up your assignment or move into your new assignment, you will be charged a $150.00 blocked room fee and you will not be allowed to participate in any further room change procedures for the spring semester.

Spring 2015 Contract Cancellation Fee Schedule
Any student who selects a spring 2015 housing assignment is subject to the contract cancellation fee schedule outlined below:

Spring 2015 Process Begins Ends

$100 Cancellation Fee Period

5pm Fri., Aug. 30, 2014

5pm Fri., Nov. 28, 2014

$200 Cancellation Fee Period

5pm Fri., Nov. 28, 2014

5pm Fri, Dec. 12, 2014

$300 Cancellation Fee Period

5pm Fri, Dec. 12, 2014

5pm Mon., Dec. 26, 2014

$400 Cancellation Fee Period

5pm Mon., Dec. 26, 2014

5pm Fri., Jan. 9, 2015

$500 Cancellation Fee Period

5pm Fri., Jan. 9, 2015

5th week of spring semester

Students must call (413) 545-2100 or visit Residential Life Student Services at 235 Whitmore to request a cancellation of their assignment. Only the student may cancel their assignment and the request must be made directly with the Student Services Office.

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Room Selection Resources

Video Tutorials
Students can find walkthroughs of every step of the room selection process, from signing your residence hall contract and submitting your profile to selecting your spring 2015 housing assignment!

Floor Plans
From here, students can find detailed room dimensions and bathroom locations for every residence hall on campus!

Living At UMass Facebook Page
Students can post questions on our wall, find links to useful room selection videos and can get important timelines and information right in your feed. Also, there will be several opportunities for students to win prizes each Tuesday starting on February 18th!

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