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Family Housing

Welcome to Family Housing at UMass Amherst!

For Prospective Applicants

Important Notice for Prospective Residents

**When Family Housing Apartments become available, they will be listed on the Off Campus Student Services Website. To see what is available now, please click here. **

If we you search and there are no postings listed or you are not eligible for North Village, please use the Off Campus Student Services Housing and Community Resources website to find a rental. There are many off-campus apartments and houses for rent in the Amherst area. Click here for a resource that may be of assistance.

For information about available family support services, please visit the Office of Family Resources website at

The following information will give you an overview of important information regarding the policies and resources of Family Housing at UMass Amherst. Our primary goal is to provide comfortable, attractive, safe, well-maintained, and affordable apartments to UMass students who are married or who have a dependant child.

Family Housing offers a total of 237 apartments located in North Village, 120 one-bedroom apartments and 104 two-bedroom apartments. Family Housing also has 13 apartments for students with wheelchair access requirements, 11 one-bedroom apartments and 2 two-bedroom apartments. In accordance with the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code, the total number of people residing in a North Village apartment may not exceed three for a one-bedroom apartment and four for a two-bedroom apartment.

To be eligible to live in Family Housing you must be married or have legal custody of a dependent child/children prior to being offered an apartment. Applicants with children will be required to provide Residential Life Student Services with a copy of their children's original birth certificate upon applying for housing. It is unlawful for Residential Life Student Services to make copies of birth certificates. For this reason, applicants must provide the copies themselves. If you are offered and accept an apartment, you will need to bring in the original birth certificate(s) so we can verify the documents on file. If you are a newly accepted UMass Amherst student, please send a copy of your acceptance letter.

The following items are important to know before filling out an application. All apartments in North Village include basic utilities (including heat and electricity) and HSCN-Cable TV. To park near in North Village, a permit must be obtained for an additional fee from Parking Services. Parking is not included with your rent and is an additional fee. For North Village, the U.S. Postal Service will charge a non-refundable $30.00 to secure a key to the Apartment P.O. Box. Laundry facilities are located on the premises for your convenience. Pets are prohibited in the apartments. Washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers are not allowed. Subletting is not permitted.

A University-owned telecommunications system serves all University of Massachusetts' housing units. The University provides local telephone service and voice mail, high-speed internet (DSL) and cable TV to all tenants. For reasons of public safety, University telephone service is required of all units. The charge for the entire telecommunications service is $30 per month. You are responsible for furnishing your apartment with a touch-tone telephone set (telephone and line cord). Your apartment telephone service includes such features as local service, voice mail, call waiting, call transfer, conference calling and call diversion. There is no charge to activate your telephone service. Detailed information about how to use the telephone system and its more advanced features can be found at

Throughout the year, Family Housing offers apartments to eligible students as apartments become available. Please be aware that the demand for North Village Apartments far exceeds the number of apartments available; therefore, it is important that you decide quickly. An offer of an apartment is made through email. Once you have an offer, you are given 48 hours in which to decide whether to accept. Payment will commence on the day of acceptance.

The University reserves the right to deny housing in any residence hall or apartment unit to any individual who has been convicted of a felony involving bodily harm to persons, damage to property, or the sale or distribution of illegal drugs. The Dean of Students, who will make the final decision, will review specific cases on a case by case basis.

For a listing of other apartment complexes in the local area, visit the UMass Off Campus Student Services Housing Search website:

For family support services on campus and throughout the greater Amherst area, please visit The Office of Family Resources website at

For information about the child care programs visit

Additional On Campus Housing Questions?
Contact Family Housing at (413) 545-3115, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm or email